A Stylistics of Remembrance of Things Past: Entry One

I began my research by pursuing two parallel courses of study: an introduction to literary theory, and an introduction to linguistics, in particular syntax and the phrase-structure tree method of plotting sentences. The second will allow me to do my project; the first will, I hope, help me to understand and explain my results. Having read numerous texts, both introductory books and chapters and carefully selected articles and essays from influential theorists and thinkers, I now feel confident enough to prognosticate favorably upon the outcome of my project. A regimen of practice sentences, provided by Professor Ann Reed, has acquainted me with the phrase-structure technique and given me the necessary practice in creating sentence trees. I had hoped to be able to map sentences electronically using an open source drag-and-drop program I found, called TreeForm, but unfortunately neither this nor any other resource of which I am currently aware is capable of creating PS trees for the sentences of Remembrance of Things Past within an acceptable time frame. Thus I am reduced to the very unrefined solution of providing an appendix of hand-drawn sentences to complement my paper.