Scriblerus Club, Entry Three

After madcap hours of typing, typing, typing, and scouring the MLA Handbook for some help with properly citing poetry, I am officially done.  It feels fantastic.  I’m staring at 4500 words of literary analysis, now safely backed up to my flash drive, and I feel a profound sense of accomplishment.

Writing the paper itself wasn’t hard, just tedious.  If I hadn’t made a disgustingly long and detailed outline, replete with quotations and bullet points,  I’d still be slaving away at it.  Pacing myself – writing a page or two a day, except on the last day – also helped.  (There’s the fact that I write very, very quickly, too.)

It would clog the internet to post that monstrosity to the blog post, but suffice to say it’s done.  Very done.  And I feel quite brain-dead right now. I might reward myself with a nap.  And then start packing for school.  Sigh…

This is a rather lame entry, I suppose, but here are my final thoughts:

1) Being in IB in high school, I had to write an extended essay over the summer before senior year, which…gave me some good practice for this project, I admit.  My Monroe project is significantly longer than the EE, though.  And significantly better.

2) My writing strategy for big papers – write the body first.  Then the introduction, then the conclusion.  That way you know what you’re going to say once you try to flail and write something that isn’t “herp-a-derp, this is my thesis.”

3) Structure.  It’s important.

4) Alexander Pope is a genius and everybody should read his stuff.

5) I’m really, reeeeeally tired right now.  But being done feels wonderful.



  1. Alexa McDorman says:

    Accept my prolonged virtual applause. Also: be excited for school! I know there won’t be Monroe Hall like last year, but it should be fun in lots of old and new ways nonetheless.

  2. Eliza Urban says:

    Alexa – I am excited! But I’m definitely going to miss my friends from home – we’ve started running multiple RPG campaigns over the summer, and those are difficult to replicate over Skype.