Dressmaking – Undergarments – Part 6

After a long, hard struggle, my corset is done. The longest part was waiting for the supplies to come, as JoAnn does not carry steel bones or busks. I ordered some bones, then made a mock-up using muslin, then ordered more bones, got more fabric, and finally made the actual corset. In hindsight, it would have been easier, cheaper, and faster to order a corset then to make it, but I do not regret doing it.

The corset itself is made up of two sides, each of six panels. The pieces are connected in front by buck, which is sort of like a Victorian zipper. It is made of steal, and the left side has knobs while the right side has slots for the knobs.  It is connected in back by lacing. The panels were made up of two different types of denim (because I bought the yellowish one first and then decided I wanted it to be white), sewn together with heavy duty canvas thread. It took two spools to sew the entire thing. After the panels have been sewn together, I sewed channels in each panel for the bones to be placed. Apparently, more bones are more comfortable then fewer bones.

I then used an eyelet applier to punch eyelets (metal rings) into the last panels so I would have something to put the corset lacing though. JoAnn’s comes highly un-recommended, but I had already spent more than $100 on corset supplies and I didn’t want to add to that. The eyelets seem to want to pull out, which will be a problem later, but I have liquid stitch and am not afraid to use it.

I then inserted the bones, and bound the edges with bias tape. For some reason, that step was a lot of trouble. I should have bound the top edge first , then inserted the bones, and then bound the bottom. It doesn’t look very professional, but the audience can’t see it anyway so it doesn’t matter. I then loosely laced up the back, and my mom tighten it for me. It might not have been tight enough, as my waist didn’t go down more than an inch. I will definitely need someone to help me in September.

Next step: Underskirt. Looks nicely uncomplicated, so it should be done by Saturday.

Corset pictures will be up tomorrow.