Abstract – “Researching Manga: The Interaction of Image and Language”

Mark Zuschlag and I are collaborating to create a one-shot manga.  Mark will illustrate the work, and I will write it.  Manga is a word for Japanese comics, the graphic novel form in the style of Manga/Anime.  A one-shot is a short story in Manga form, and is sometimes used as the basis for a Manga series, but often stand alone.  Like art theorist Scott McCloud asserts about comics in general, I assert that Manga is a rich art form that contains as much nuance as is contained in classical arts, and I intend to write a work that reflects the subtlety and power possible in this form.  Much of the ability of the Manga rests in the interaction of language and images, just as it depends on the interaction of a writer and artist.  Mark and I intend to study these interactions while referring to the work of great manga artists, art theorists, writers, and artists.