Beginning the Writing Process

In continuation of my project, I have compiled academic studies and reviews related to my topic: analyzing treatments for drug addiction and the ways in which those treatments could be transferred to combat food addiction.  Once I felt that I had a substantial number of papers noted, I began piecing together an outline for my paper.  Currently, my outline consists of seven major subdivisions.

My introduction will lay out the topics that I plan to cover in the remainder of the paper while also providing working definitions of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and food addiction.  Although substance addictions seem to be fairly clear cut when it comes to diagnosis, providing a specific definition at the beginning of my paper will provide focus for the types of substance use I analyze throughout the paper.  My definition of food addiction will be more crucial to the meaning of the paper because the existence this psychological condition is still disputed.

The first section of the meat of my review will address the neurobiology of drug addiction.  I anticipate that this will be the most difficult section of the paper to write.  Currently, I have set aside five papers to analyze in this section.  Because this section is meant to set up a comparison for my next section—the neurobiology of food addiction—it will be important for me to hone in on the aspects of drug addiction that have meaning in relation to food addiction.  However, after I have written this section, the next section on food addiction should follow pretty easily.

The fourth and fifth major sections of my paper will address treatments of drug addiction and treatments of food addiction that are already in use.  Through this analysis, I hope to find some similarities in treatments that would support food addiction as a psychological condition.  If the same treatments have been successful for both drug addiction and food addiction, it would seem that food addiction is as credible a diagnosis as drug addiction.

In my final two sections, I plan to propose improved and/or modified treatments for food addiction and suggest areas for further study.  Both of these sections will function as my conclusion.

As I begin the writing process, my greatest concern is that my review will be more than I bargained for.  The topic that I have chosen is enough to write a book about.  However, I only have the means to write a single paper.  I will have to keep length in mind as I work to flesh out my ideas.