Resources on college campuses for Transgender students- 2nd post

At this point in my research, I have gone through my entire list of schools filling in information I found easily. I also started going back through my list filling in missing information or recording area-appropriate contact info. After getting this far into my project, I’ve realized that I am unsatisfied with the direction I was taking it in. After finding this information, I don’t feel confident enough in the scope and depth of my rating system to create the database I had planned to. My problems especially showed themselves in the gender change and private bathroom categories. I also don’t feel confident in determining how important specific categories are or should be.

Because of this, I have chosen not to produce the database I intended to. Instead, I plan to take what I’ve seen at other schools and influence William and Mary’s facilities, policies, resources, and accessibility. I will outline these ideas in my final post along with observations from the research I did do.



  1. sphilbrick says:

    I think your research sounds fascinating, even if it didn’t turn out the way you had planned. I was just wondering, have you found any trends based on certain variables such as location, size or focus? For instance, are there more resources for someone identifying as transgender at a small liberal arts college compared to a large research university? Or has the data been all over the board?

  2. Katie– Yours is a very important topic for a group of students who I think are very misunderstood. The transition to college is a difficult one for all students, but it is even more difficult for any student struggling with their own basic identity.Your project reminds me of the stir caused this year when William and Mary was listed on the Federal Report of schools that poorly handle cases of sexual assault and rape. Given what I learned about the college’s history in that area, it does not surprise me that, as you stated in your last post, William and Mary does not have adequate resources available for transgender students. While we have some very good student-run organizations, you are right to point out that school-sponsored resources are not well-advertised, if they exist at all. I certainly haven’t heard of any. Everyone’s research changes from their original stated goal, and yours has taken a turn that has the potential to help a lot of people o campus.