Portfolio of Original Notated Musical Compositions

Music has always had the extraordinary ability to bring people together. A song or instrumental piece can tell a story or describe a feeling in ways that normal speech cannot, allowing individuals to attach their identity to a song. However, in order for a song to reach a large audience or culture that may identify with it, the composer of the song must be able to communicate their work with other musicians. Although teaching another a song by ear may be a sufficient way to share one’s work, creating a lead sheet, or a transcript of music, is often clearer and more precise about the writer’s vision.

This summer, I aim to transcribe 16 of my musical compositions into lead sheets. The lead sheet has multiple purposes to the composer; it allows the composer to communicate their artistic vision to other musicians so that the music can be played with ease, and it gives the composer the ability to approach such musicians and music associations with a level of professionalism.  The piano and vocal parts of each original song will be notated along with lyrics, as appropriate, so that I too may share my artistic vision with other musicians and music associations. Another purpose of creating this portfolio is to provide a template for both further arrangement with other instruments and a professional recording of these songs. Furthermore, while spending extended time with my original compositions, I will be able to rewrite both the lyrics and music, as necessary, so that I may improve them.

I have had extensive music experience to help me in my endeavors this summer; I have been taking piano lessons since age two, and have had several years of training in music theory both here at William and Mary and at the Peabody Preparatory. Furthermore, I have been writing music and lyrics since age 12, and consider songwriting to be my greatest passion and my most important emotional outlet.