Days 4-6

Day 4 – Wednesday, August 10

7:00 – tent

I slept well! And almost totally through the night.  I woke up a few times, but not as bad as the past few nights.  It also got colder last night. I put a sweatshirt over me in addition to my blanket.  It didn’t rain! From what I can see out of the screen, it’s pretty cloudy. Still a bit chilly.  As the sun was rising, it lit up the tops of some of the trees, and the leaves looked like they were sparkling.  Each leaf looked like it was reflecting some of the sunlight.  It was cool.

I think I’ll try painting the Red Water today.  Maybe also Kettle Rock.  But I should probably try to keep doing the Spillway while there’s water going over it (hopefully there still is).

8:20 – Carson’s

I think part of why I feel so lonely is because I’m at Camp (idk if I’ve already said that, sorry) and my friends have scattered across the country back to their respective homes.  Heck, even Carson’s Point has memories of dancing and singing and taking tons of pictures with my cabin for Cabin Night.  And sitting around the fire with a bunch of other counselors while the 7th graders told us it was lightning.  And then coming around in a van with the head counselor picking up all the stuff from the tarp after the storm had passed.  Also, being able to see some of the cabins and the docks can be tough.

It’s weird though, during Camp, I almost exclusively think of coming and going from Carson’s Point by boat, generally canoe.  So it’s been cool, not having a canoe and having no reason to travel by water, to get a different perspective on Carson’s Point.

I think I might paint a watercolor from the dock.  I’m afraid it may rain.  I think I see some clouds to the south.

IMG_2501 IMG_2502IMG_2522

10:00 – tent

It didn’t rain! My friend came, and it was great to see her and talk.  At first it was very weird, talking. But it got easier.  I know I sound dramatic.  Oh well.  She brought lunch and then we chatted for a long time.  Then we went down to Red Water and I sketched it out.  Then we ate (rice, beans, salsa, and cheese in a tortilla).  Then I painted the sunset.  Tomorrow I’m going to pain the reflection of tomorrow’s sunset, even though the sky was from today.

IMG_2518 IMG_2519 IMG_2521

            As much as I loved seeing my friend, I did feel like I was cheating.  I may ask her not to come again.  I’m hoping to finish up by Sunday.  But that’ll depend on how the painting is going.  I’d have 3 full days still left to go, plus I could do most of Sunday if I needed to.  Again, it’s all about the paint.  I think I may draw on my fire canvas with the charcoal end of my fire stick, because at this point I sort of feel like paint would ruin some of the affect.


I complained to my friend a lot about being lonely, but I feel like I need to prove to myself that I can finish this without seeing anyone, you know?  I feel like it’s sorta like running, once you take one walking break, you want to take one every few minutes, and it’s easier to let yourself take breaks.  I feel like I need to push myself.  Yes, 3 (sort of only 2) days was hard; yes, I got miserably lonely; but I feel like I need to prove to myself and whomever reads/hears about my project, that I could do it!  I think she’ll understand, and I’ll see her when I’m done.

Tomorrow I need to crank.  I’m going to finish my watercolor from this morning, I want to start painting Red Water, maybe keep working on Spillway, and start Kettle Rock.  And maybe start messing with the charcoal, fire one, and paint the sunset.  Hopefully it won’t rain.

I think my friend said there was some chance of rain, but mainly this weekend.  There’s a tropical storm moving up towards us.  So that’s irritating.  Anyway, it’s 10:15 and I’m tired. G’night. – Mollie


Day 5 – Thursday, August 11

7:25 – tent

Well I told my friend not to come again, and now I want to cry.  Also, I didn’t sleep very well, I have to pee very badly, and my stomach hurts.  I think I’m just hungry.

One thing about my friend coming that I found very interesting was that with her here I felt much bigger.  Like I felt like there was nothing going on besides whatever we were doing.  That was very interesting in contrast to when I’m alone, I feel like nature could just swallow me up and I’d disappear without anyone noticing.  And it feels like there is so much going on outside of me, like with the other animals and stuff, and it feels like I don’t matter at all.  Being alone makes me feel very small.

1:45 – Red Water

I finished my first watercolor this morning.  I also painted Leo’s rocks.  So now I just have to add Leo.

IMG_2581 IMG_2526

I ate some bacon, eggs, and a biscuit for breakfast and an apple and a bagel (½ pbj and ½ pb honey) for lunch.  I jumped in the lake at the dam, because it’s so dang hot.  It felt great, but a little odd to be honest to jump in all alone.  I’ve been feeling pretty good today.  Talking out loud more to myself, but feeling good.  Stomach still hurts some; I’ve been having to force myself to eat because it hurts and I feel like I’m going to just spit it all back up.  But I haven’t yet, although a few gags as I’m eating.  It’s very odd.

I’m going to try to do Red Water very post impressionism-like.  So wish me luck haha.

IMG_2539 IMG_2541


7:00 – Carson’s Dock

There are some people on the lake!  I think they’re in a fishing boat.  They’re too far away for me to really tell.  Also, a person with smallish (6 or 7) size feet, wearing boots came at least down part of the path to my camp.  There are also dog footprints.  I’m thinking they were walking their dog around after they got here, assuming they’re with the people in the boat, and the dog came into my area and they came down after it.

IMG_2555 IMG_2556

            Painting was pretty good.  I worked till 5:30.  I started to get really bored though.  There’s only so long you can paint for, with nothing to listen to or really think about, before it gets old.  I’m hoping to finish Red Water tomorrow morning though.  Then hopefully I can finish the Spillway in the afternoon, and just have Leo and Kettle Rock for Saturday.  I may do a fun, colorful water-dip painting for myself on Sunday, because I think I have an extra canvas.

The lake is smooth as glass right now.  And, fingers crossed, it doesn’t look like rain!  I’m very tired.  I hope I sleep well tonight.  I’m planning on sleeping either at a friend’s house Sunday night, so I can have a good night’s rest before heading home to VA.

Got to paint this sunset now! Ttyl!

IMG_2527 IMG_2580


9:40 – tent

I started drawing the fire with my fire stick and I think it looks cool, but it is dark.  I’m going to maybe play with some ashes tomorrow to see if they can be the flames.  At least the concept is cool, even if it doesn’t turn out fantastic.


            Alright, very tired. G’night. Pray for a good night’s sleep. – Mollie


Day 6 – Friday, August 12

7:10 – tent

Slept great!  Only two more days of painting left! I’m going to have a lot of food left over, so I’ll probably try to give some to my friend.  I’m still sleepy despite my good night’s sleep, but I need to get up and get moving.  Almost done! Can’t wait for Sunday!

9:22 – Red Water

Well, yesterday, when my mom didn’t get my morning text, she must have called someone because this morning I found a message written from sticks that said “Mollie/Txt mom/She’s waiting”.


I assumed this must be the person with the dog.  Well, as I was walking out here, I saw dog tracks going all the way to the dam.  I may have found one footprint (other than mine).  So that was interesting.  I also saw deer tracks and what I think are turkey tracks.

IMG_2549 IMG_2553

On my way down the path from the dam to here, I saw a few smaller dog prints.  The ones at my campsite and on the trail here look about as big as a lab’s; these smaller ones look maybe more like a jack rustle’s.  I’m guessing (hoping) the big ones are the A&P’s dog’s and these small ones are from a fox or something.  Hoping there are no coyotes, or at least if there are, that they leave me alone.  Going to try to finish Red Water now.

IMG_2544 IMG_2547

9:45 – tent

Well, I did Red Water this morning, but I’m not sure I like it all that much, so I may go back to touch it up tomorrow.  I finished Spillway and I do like that one.  Did that in the afternoon.


IMG_2564 IMG_2575

I worked a bit more on my extended piece.  I added a yellow/tan ground, slightly dripped, and tossed some dirt onto it.  I also put in a little of my footprint, since that’s what I’ve been looking at a lot.

IMG_2559 IMG_2560

            Some of the leaves are starting to change color, which feels odd because it’s still summer and only a few weeks since Camp’s been out.

The weather’s been great! Hot, but no rain!!!  I thought less today.  At least, I was getting less stir crazy.  Maybe I’m starting to get comfortable being totally alone.  I wasn’t miserable today, which was nice.  I also think, though, that because I know it’s almost over, it’s easier.

I’m going to try to do Kettle Rock very conceptually tomorrow.  So sort of like how I’m doing the extended one and the fire one.  Like mixed media type deal.  Ohhh! The fire one! So yesterday I drew the logs with my poker stick, right? Well today I caught my poker stick on fire, and used that to sort of smoke/burn the flames over the logs I’d drawn.  I think it looks cool, but I’ll have to check in the morning.


Okay, sleep time, pray for good night’s rest and no visitors! (or rain) – Mollie


  1. Hey Mollie!

    For starters, I’d like to say that I just love the concept of your project! It must have been wonderful to get out in nature for awhile and reconnect through painting. The progression of your work is really nice too, and I enjoy looking at the different choices you make as an artist in each work. My two favorites of this post are your fire sketch and Spillway. I particularly enjoy the fire sketch due to your choice of medium and the way you used it. I found it lovely that you chose to portray the subject with part of the subject. Capturing fire with charcoal can be tricky since charcoal is so dark and fire so bright, but the way in which you applied the material to the page quite easily conveys the message of “fire”. I enjoy Spillway because of the clarity and space conveyed in the image. In my work I use a lot of high contrast colors, and I enjoy finding the subtleties of color in the picture plane, and I can tell you enjoy this as well. I’m a big fan of the contrasting greens and red/terra cotta colors.

    Also the fact that you have styled your blog like your journal entries is quite nice! They feel very personal and I have enjoyed reading them! Cheers.