Final Post

Hey again everyone!

Now that I have finished the research portion of my project (copious amounts of data entry and web surfing), I can take a brief look back and examine my overall impression of the information.

While I found my topic incredibly interesting, it may not have been for all people. It may not seem like the most important of issues, but it gains added weight after you look at it in relation to 2016 America (disclaimer: this may get a little political but I’ll do my best to avoid that).

This is an issue that really is a symptom of a major American problem. With massive income inequality in all aspects of the American economy, it is no surprise that it should play a role in the sporting world as well. When billionaires and the mega-rich control so much wealth and power in everyday scenarios, it also bleeds over into sports, which are so incredibly lucrative. They are able to use their wealth to push other people, including politicians and people in power, around for their own gain. Convincing everyone that new stadiums built with public funds will be a massive boon to local economies is truly impressive, considering the fairly well-documented evidence that points to a neutral or even negative economic effect. As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems like the real bottom line for most franchise owners really just comes down to their own bottom lines. As the famous line from the Usual Suspects says “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Well if the devil is in the details, then NFL and MLB owners have pulled one hell of a trick in showing the world exactly what they want to see, and hiding the actual economic truth.

That’s it for me guys. I’ve loved working on this project, and think that I have learned a lot. If you have read along with my updates, then hopefully you have too! Thank you so much for your interest!