El americano no deseado: an Analysis of the Negative Opinion of Donald Trump among the Spanish Media (Post one)

When I first completed my research proposal, I planned to examine multiple forms of the Spanish media’s perspective of Donald Trump and the cultural/social representation of him. However, as my research progressed, I decided to narrow my research to newspaper articles, cartoons and the occasional magazine article. In the end, I read 100+ Spanish articles about Donald Trump from both right-leaning and left-leaning Spanish newspapers. Although there were a few articles, maybe three or four, that supported and advocated for Donald Trump, the mass majority were against the United States president. At first, I theorized that the overwhelming negative opinion of Donald Trump might be a result of the recent dictatorship, 1939-1975, of alt-right leader, Francisco Franco. However, my research did not find sufficient evidence for this. I did not encounter¬†any articles comparing Franco to President Trump. When I interviewed a reporter and asked her if the comparison between Franco and Trump is just, she replied that it was not. In fact, she said that the two are very different, both in their culture and politics, and could not possibly be compared. In my next post I will discuss my findings for the reasoning behind the ubiquitous negative opinion of Donald Trump in place of the Franco theory.




  1. Hello Caroline!

    Having also spent time in Spain this summer, I can understand and corroborate this omnipresent (and warranted) dislike for the American president. While I didn’t connect it to the history with Franco, I was certainly baffled by it to some extent because I found in many of the adults with whom I interacted a sympathy with many of Trump’s platforms (if he can be constant enough to call his views “platforms”). I suppose the way he comes across internationally bars any second look at his policies, which I wish were the case here.

    I can also commiserate with the falling apart of a hypothesis; I based my hypotheses on the lack of terrorist attacks in Spain while they were quite frequent in France, but, in a heartbreaking recent past, that is no longer true of Spain.

    It seems though, having read your next post, that you did a good job reconciling your observations and your original goals. Buen trabajo!

  2. Gracias reader!