Research Check-in 5: The 2000s

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The fifth set of movies I watched, the 2000s, was definitely a great set of movies, but it was not my favorite. Some of the movies felt a little dated, from the almost 90s-esque Los Angeles of Training Day to the formulaic feel-good themes of Slumdog Millionaire. However, these movies broke the plateau of the 90s in terms of adult content and took it to a whole new level of R-rated cinematography.

My favorite movie of the 2000s was No Country for Old Men, the first and only movie directed by the prolific Coen brothers during this research project. Their adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel was the perfect mix of thriller and modern Western, taking a fantastic cast headlined by Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem and showing a gripping game of cat and mouse. This movie is one I would recommend to anyone interested in great films and willing to stomach more than a little blood and gore.

My least favorite movie from the 2000s was Slumdog Millionaire, which is unfortunate because I am a huge fan of Dev Patel’s, the lead actor. I found that the film was easily predictable in its outcome and lacked a connection between the main character and the audience, which took it a notch down from the other fantastic films of this decade. It is still quite surprising to me that this film won the Oscar for best picture, but it was a weak year for movies in 2008.

The 2000s took quite a jump in terms of the adult content in its iconic movies, suggesting that the plateau of the 90s was an abnormality rather than a continuing trend. Whereas each movie in the 90s had about 169 instances of adult content per movie, the 2000s averaged 210, a significant difference. It will be interesting to see if the final decade, the 2010s, can finish the trend of growth from decade to decade in adult content seen throughout this project.

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