Constructed Language


Most human language comes into existence through the natural forces of linguistic evolution, but a “constructed language” draws upon deliberate design. What are the common aspects of constructed languages? What goes into the design process?


I will begin by researching the logic and rationale behind extant constructed languages, such as Esperanto, Klingon, and Idiom Neutral. In this stage, I will also research the linguistic properties of these constructed languages, and the problem presented them by the lack of opportunities for real-world use. I will describe my findings in expository prose. This research stage will comprise the first full-time week of the project.


Next, I will begin to design my own constructed language based on the information garnered from my research, documenting my effort in further detailed writing. The construction will draw upon rules of human language, and upon the logic behind previous constructed language. I will gloss many of the most commonly-occurring modern words, thus theoretically rendering the language usable. This stage of the project will take up the second full-time week.

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