Understanding the Role of Technology in Both Building and Dismantling Capitalism – Abstract

Capitalism is the only economic system currently in use in the world, so understanding it is extremely important. Technology plays a major role in capitalism, and is becoming more prominent in day to day life as well. Most leftist theory so far has overlooked technology, seeing it mainly as a tool of capitalism to either overthrow or repurpose after the revolution. I believe that ignoring the revolutionary role technology can play in dismantling capitalism is a fatal flaw, and would like to remedy that.

The goal of this research project is to investigate the role technology plays in both building and dismantling capitalism. The first part of the project will involve extensive background research to establish the role technology plays in capitalism. After that, I will investigate a variety of ways technology can be used to attack and dismantle the capitalist system. This will involve case studies for strategies such as hacking systems and sabotaging machinery, as well as a mathematical analysis of potential effectiveness. This project will hopefully act as a guide for how insurrectionists should approach the use of technology in dismantling capitalism.