How did Dinosaurs Sound? – Reconciling Science and Imagination

In my research, I will explore how science and imagination combine to form a foundation for the sound design of dinosaur vocalizations. Where did the classic “roar” of the T-rex originate? How has the sound design changed in response to new research findings? Will we ever learn what dinosaurs actually sounded like? I hope that my research project may facilitate an understanding and appreciation of the process behind innovation as I will observe first-hand how paleontologists and sound designers work together to develop possible dinosaur vocalizations. In the first stage of my research, I will interview at least two paleontologists about the science behind dinosaur vocalizations, inquiring about modern research and the evolution of current theories. The secondary stage with involve interviews of a similar nature with at least two sound designers. My final stage will be a hands-on information synthesis. Using the knowledge delivered in the interviews, I will develop my own conjecture as to how dinosaurs sounded and write a brief piece explaining my creative choices.