The Affordability and Accessibility of Farmers Markets in the Bronx

I will be studying the interactions between farmers markets and low income neighborhoods. Farmers markets are often regarded as places where people have the privilege to afford organic and locally grown produce. They also associate with a culture of health and earth-conscious hipsters. In my hometown of the Bronx, there are many people living under the poverty line. It is an extremely overpopulated and underfunded area, where people suffer from failing infrastructure and polluted parks. There is also huge movement of farmers markets trying to reach these neighborhoods. I want to find out if these farmers markets, which are often associated with food justice organizations, are helping the Bronx residents in need or only further polarizing them. I will be volunteering at several farmers markets throughout the Bronx throughout the month of June. While I work, I will be observing the buying and selling, the quality of products, and the attitudes towards customers. By volunteering with the organizations, I will be able to understand their perspective and motivations. This projects seeks to uncover the inequality felt by many Bronx residents and how such a basic need is neglected.