Initial Research and Some Faltering First Steps – “Producing an Album”

I never thought that my research was going to be easy. However, I did think that I could get the hang of the recording software I was using by watching a couple instructional videos and flipping through the pages of the books my music teacher loaned me. I thought the majority of my research would be done in the studio, honing my performance techniques and strategies to fit my audience and purpose. However, when I began to install and play around with ProTools, I realized that post-production would be the least of my worries this summer. I first learned that Avid, the company who licenses music software like Sibelius and ProTools, is extremely cautious about security. I even had to run to Guitar Center to purchase a third-party USB which held important authorization codes for ProTools. Then, when I went into my basement studio to experiment a little bit with my new recording apparatus, it took me a long time to figure out basic tasks such as adding a track and recording one track over another. The controls for ProTools are vastly different than Logic and GarageBand, the software I am already familiar with. However, this is just an added bonus! Learning ProTools will allow me to communicate on a higher level with fellow musicians and recording engineers, and I can’t wait to dive farther into my research. In order to surmount my current ignorance, I will be watching in-depth instructional videos about ProTools on and consulting my mentors in person about strategies that they use when they make use of the software. I think this project will lend itself to a healthy mix of both improvisation and structured learning to make discoveries about a new way to record and transmit my music.