Update 2 – The effectiveness and access of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder treatments

This past week of research has been very exciting, as I was really able to see my final project, a literature review, begin to come together. After spending a large portion of my research hours collecting information from nearly forty scientific journals (see my previous post for more details), I was able to organize and synthesize all of this information in the form of an outline.

It has been helpful to lay out all of the information in “chronological” order, from how HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders occur to how they are treated. Creating this outline has also made it clear to me that some editing is needed at this stage. With my completed outline reaching a length of nearly 40 pages, I plan to reassess which details are necessary and which may need to be taken out to make my final paper more focused and cohesive. This was initially hard to see during the data collection step, simply due to the vast amount of information I had been studying. In the same way, creating this outline has allowed me to see what areas may need more explanation and textual support.

Going forward, I plan to further edit this outline in order to make the transition to writing more seamless. Because my outline is in a nearly full sentence format and is heavily indented, I don’t expect the length of my final paper to vary too significantly from the outline length. I am looking forward to taking all that I have studied and learned up to this point and creating a culminating product that communicates this information in a way that is as clear as it is detailed.

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