Update 1: Post-Photography

During my six weeks in Potsdam and Berlin, I wanted to be able to focus my research into creating a final project examining the effect of imagery on the phenomenon surrounding Stunde Null. I think that using imagery such as that from films and from current/past postwar architecture can tell a powerful story about the conflicting ideas in German sociopolitical culture during the postwar period through to the collapse of the Berlin wall.

    My final project is ultimately one of photojournalism – letting the imagery tell the story. I have photographed notable architecture (such as the “fake old” Dresden, East German soviet architecture, etc.) and pair it with carefully selected quotes from interviewing real Germans and using real journalistic works from the postwar period that connects each image to a certain competing cultural idea. For example, rebuilding in the old style reflects the desire to forget and go back to the way things were, and the architecture of the DDR emphasized the need to gain distance from Nazism by becoming something new and entirely different. I would also like to compare journalistic and academic work on the atmosphere of the Stunde Null period with how people perceive and react ot these images today, and ultimately create a piece of unique photojournalism that speaks to the cultural moments of both Stunde Null and today. Now that I have the photographs, I must still edit them using Adobe Lightroom software and create a finished & polished product.


  1. mjminogue says:

    Hi Gracie!

    I love the idea behind this research. The Stunde Null period is a fascinating time, with so much to rebuild after having so much destruction. I think that photojournalism and architecture as a medium is a unique way to tell this this story. A city’s architecture says so much about both its past and present, and I am very excited to see what photos you have taken. I was actually in Berlin for a few days this summer, and I was enamored by the Soviet architecture in East Berlin, and can’t wait to see how you portray it through your camera’s lens.