Update 3: Final – The Trend of Regional Independence Movements and its Portrayal in the Media

As my 80 hours of research come to an end, I have some closing thoughts on my project. I was definitely able to explore various themes of international relations and further confirmed my interest in this broad topic. The culmination of the project into a research paper also allowed me to fine tune my writing skills while using various sources and outlets. Within my paper, I discuss the rich histories of all three regions and their current political situations as well as the role of the media around the globe and in these regions. I was able to find at least two scholarly papers/studies that detailed these three secession movements and a detailed study on the use of media in the Scottish independence referendum. 

Overall, this research project allowed me to discover new findings and their implications in our current world regarding various regional independence movements in Europe and their portrayals in the media. To summarize these findings, it seems that the media definitely plays a role in terms of portrayal of these movements. However, because of the relative newness of the media’s reach, especially that of social media, it is difficult to really understand the extent to which media plays a role in the momentum and impact of independence movements. There continue to be multiple different campaigns throughout Europe within different regions that want autonomy from a larger state. Right now, political action appears to be stagnant in the three main regions of my research, Catalonia, Flanders, and Scotland, as all three regions struggle to move forward politically after a series of elections and protests earlier this year. Only time will tell what the future holds for these regions; however, it seems fair to assume that the implications of these movements will continue to have an effect on the politics, economies, and even the cultures of their countries, respectively, and the greater expanse of Europe.

Thank you to the Charles Center for this opportunity for which I am very grateful. I hope to keep up to date on these three regions and their political actions in the future.