Update 2: In Development

Over the course of six weeks in Berlin and throughout Germany, the vastly varying architecture, often within blocks of each other, showcased the differing perspectives on growth and destruction during the postwar period. Looking through the imagery that now dominates the modern perception of Berlin and the German perspective as a whole, it‘s difficult to decide how I can represent these buildings accurately, without overimposing analyses.

    Photography is never a truly objective medium. The images are accurate, yes, but the way that they are captured can change the atmosphere, mood, and even implied meaning of a place or time. As I begin to edit these images, I‘m struggling to decide how best to portray the places. Is a consistent theme better, or can I alter the images on a more individual level? When is black and white the best choice, and when is color? These questions are difficult, but my experience in Lightroom is helpful as I toy with my options. I‘m also wondering how best to pair these images with analysis – my own, or quotes from other works of scholarly research, or both? As I develop my final portfolio, I‘ll have to answer these questions and more.