The Key To Every Painting: Don’t Force It

After finishing my painting for this project I learned something very important when it comes to creating art within a specific genre. There is an extremely wide range of pieces that may fit the description of that genre. When I was looking at work by Hannah Yata I had imagined myself creating an explosive piece similar to what she had done. While I loved to look at work and I admired the how much was going on, this was not my style of painting. My art in the past has usually had just one subject because I like to put a lot of my focus into that one thing rather than all over the place.

I realised this as I was working on my final painting. Unlike my other two attempts, this time, I was completely immersed in the painting. This is the feeling that I look forward to every time I’m working on a piece. I feel cut off from the rest of the world as hours pass by without even noticing how long I have been working. This feeling is what drives me to stay up all night painting because I am too excited about my piece to go to sleep. I believe that every artist has had this feeling before, and every artist understands the frustration of painting without this feeling. That is why it is so important to work within the style that you love so that the work you produce is something you are excited to share.

My takeaway from this project is not what I thought it would be. I thought I would figure out the best approach for creating a magic realism painting. Instead, I learned the best approach to create any painting in any genre: paint what you love to paint. Challenge your boundaries and extend your limits, but do not stray so far from yourself that you no longer lose yourself in your work. Great work comes from passion above anything else.