App Development: Update 1

I am writing this having done about 1/3 of the work hours outlined by this grant. At this point, I’ve looked into and completed a few online app development guides and have begun working on the foundation for my app. Two websites stood out as particularly good for learning app development, Treehouse and Udemy. Over the last week I’ve focused mainly on Treehouse, but they both use a similar follow along strategy for teaching, having students watch videos of apps being created and do everything the instructor does. And although this might take away some opportunity for the student to try progressing on their own, it’s almost necessary to follow along with a teacher when learning how to use Java and Android Studio (the language and development environment I use to make apps). Although with enough determination anyone could learn how to use these tools, there’s a pretty steep learning curve with all the syntax and APIs these tools require to function.

I’ve learned from the beginner courses these sights offered and have begun laying the foundation for the app I will create. And although many specifics about this app are still up in the air, I generally want to make a practical calendar app for people to compare schedules and make plans depending on when people are free. As it stands, I don’t yet have the skills to make all parts of my app, but I’ll go as far as I can with what I’ve learned from these online courses.

And if anyone’s curious about using one of these services, here are some links:

Treehouse – There is a free 7-day free trial followed by monthly payments of $25, but you get access to all of their courses, app development and otherwise:

Udemy – This beginning app development course is free but many classes require you to pay a flat fee:

Android Studio – This is the Java based program I’m writing my Android app in, if you’re willing to put in the effort to learn it, this is a very powerful tool:

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