Summer Research Update!

Recently, I have completed my preliminary research on dark humor and finished designing my survey for the experimental portion of my research.

In my preliminary portion, I analyzed 250 examples of dark humor from reddit and instagram, categorizing them into different groups based on the content of the joke. Unfortunately, I was unable to use content and examples from twitter because of the public nature of the social media platform. Upon examination, pages dedicated to dark humor were not very active and had little user engagement. This was most likely because on twitter all interactions with posts are made public to other users, and due to the controversial nature of the content people may not want others to know that they view it.

Nonetheless, after analysis I was able to identify that the most popular topics dark humor addresses are Racism / Discrimination (18.4%), Sexual violence (16.0%), Gender Inequality (8.4%), Gun violence (8.4%), Illness (7.6%), Tragedy (7.2%), Terrorism (5.2%), Mental Health / Suicide (5.2%), and LGBTQ+ rights (5.2%).

Using these results, I was able to create my survey with examples of dark humor that reflect what someone may see on social media, which I have begun distributing.

If you would like to participate in the survey, I have placed the link below.

I am excited to see and analyze the results!



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