Progress Post #3: A Very Rough Draft

Hello again,

So I have finished my rough draft. Just to reiterate my focus was whether happiness and enjoyment reinforce engagement in sexually selected behaviors. The behaviors I used as my examples were sports, art creation and viewing, and large-game hunting. Since these behaviors are not usually considered to be related to sexual selection I spent a substantial amount of my paper explaining how they can be viewed as sexually selected behaviors.  While I feel that my explanation on why these behaviors are sexually selected are solid, establishing causality between the behaviors and happiness seems to be impossible as I could only find correlational studies. This is understandable as I feel that a causational study that could cement my thesis would be hard to formulate due to the nature of my question.  Currently, I am debating whether or not to add a  paragraph about the lack of causational evidence available. I also feel like my focus is a bit unclear in my paper because I spend so much time talking about purely sexual selection and how the behaviors are sexual selection so I will be working on that. Under is an outline of my paper so far.

-Introduction (Thesis: Although more evidence, especially causational evidence, is needed to determine if sexually selected behaviors are reinforced by happiness and enjoyment, the available evidence leads one to believe that the happiness could reinforce sexually selected behaviors by inspiring the person to engage in these activities regularly for pleasure even before sexual maturity, increasing their skill which in turn would provide them an even larger pool of potential mates. )

-Definition of sexual selection and the criticisms of sexual selection

How criticisms of Sexual selection initially discouraged scientists from using it to explain behavioral phenomena such as sports, art and large game hunting

Establishing that the behaviors increase self-reported happiness, defending self-reported happiness as a measure of happiness, and reasons why happiness encouraging these behaviors makes sense.

Explaining how each of the three behaviors is sexually selected and showing evidence that they increase happiness