Post 1

{Apparently I accidentally deleted my first post, so I’m reposting it now. Sorry for any confusion!}


Hey everyone! Congratulations on making it through your first year of college! I have finally begun my summer research project and am, honestly, slightly overwhelmed. I understand basic chemistry, but am frankly baffled by much of the technical jargon of which academic papers are comprised. (It also doesn’t help that my biological knowledge base is limited to introductory high school biology). Therefore, I have decided to take a step back from intense papers and learn the basics of brains and pertinent biological information. I have found several books that seem promising (two of which are my older sister’s biology and biochemistry textbooks) and am hoping that building a solid base will enhance my understanding of addiction. Additionally, I have watched several rudimentary videos about how the human brain works (including Crash Course videos); while I know that such videos are not academic sources, I merely intend to use them to establish general knowledge and expand my brain-related vocabulary.


I wish everyone luck in their endeavors and will post again soon with (hopefully) news of my progress.