Update #3: A Research Paper for Big Pharma

Hello! I am back and writing my final blog update, other than some conclusive remarks which will come later this week! As the summer ends, the amount of daily interruptions increase as my friends start making their way back to their colleges. This has definitely put a small delay in my last week of research, but here is my update regardless. 

Since my last update, I have been sorting through quite a bit of data, filling in some holes in my research, and writing my paper. I am not done yet, but my week will consist of the same writing and editing process, and I wanted to provide an update.

In every blog post so far, I’ve expressed how overwhelming the amount of information I have is. Sorting this information involved a unique and lengthy process, but a fleshed-out paper was the result. Right now, I am transforming this skeleton of a research paper into a lovely and completed project. Luckily, all of this work will help in completing my poster!

One of the struggles I faced this week was working with RefWorks for the first time. A couple of my citations were duplicated, and others didn’t format correctly which was frustrating. Many of the tutorials online are outdated as well, so I need to contact the library this week and make sure my citations are up to par. Unfortunately, this might mean redoing all of my citations. Also, my computer is a tad older than RefWorks likes, so formatting footnotes is difficult. Nonetheless, my paper is coming together and like my last update, is already longer than intended!

Again, this rest of this week is about completion. I need to finish writing my paper and perhaps redo my citations. Additionally, I need to post about my final thoughts, and where this research can lead in the future. Thanks for reading!