Update #2: New Complexes and Electrochemical Analysis

To recap, I am attempting to synthesize and test transition metal complexes which can act as electrocatalysts that reduce protons.  This reduction of protons generates hydrogen gas, which is a clean source of energy.

Since the first complex I produced generated positive results (it successfully reduced protons), I followed a similar procedure to synthesize two new ligands.  Once again, this meant performing a series of reactions and taking steps to separate and purify the products.  These new ligands are very similar to the original except for changes in one key feature of the molecule.

After taking NMRs of the new ligands to ensure that I had obtained the desired products, I conducted reactions to complex the ligand molecules with a transition metal.  The next step is to conduct more electrochemical analysis through cyclic voltammetry.  This will allow me to compare the complexes’ effectiveness in producing hydrogen gas.  Then, I will have valuable insight as to how the particular molecular feature I changed impacts a complex’s ability to be an electrocatalyst for hydrogen production.