Post 3: More Data Analysis and Wrapping it All Up

Hello! I am here with my final update of the summer.  This week has been busy as I have been doing more reading, data analysis, and finally writing my final paper.  With everything that I attempted to do in this project, I have found that combining it all together in one paper is a struggle.

I have learned so much this week about Qualtrics and excel and how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data together. Most of my week was spent writing my paper has it has become over 20 pages long.  After a few more edits, I will be ready to post it here for you all to see soon.

I collected quotes from 7 sources, including from a 300 page book, which I then transcribed and paraphrased them.  This took up a good chunk of time this week. Finally, I cleaned up my graphs and tables from last week and made them presentable for the final product.

I am so happy with all the progress I have made in this project and I feel as though I have grown from my days of writing center research in high school.  I cannot wait to show you all the final product.