Summary Post: High School to College now Summer to Semester

Hello everyone! The moment you have all been waiting for is here, I have finally finished my research for my summer Monroe project.  I am beyond thrilled with the end result as I have gained so much knowledge not only about writing centers, but about the different methods one can take when researching.  I used three different techniques in my research: first hand experience, literature review, and surveying.

My first week of work was very long and tiresome as it consisted mostly of emailing and emailing and emailing some more. I have never been confident in email communication, so this truly pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  There was also a large portion of the first week  spent on creating the survey and deciding on who I would be contacting. The second week was long and full of articles and data analysis from my  survey.  I also discovered a very helpful book in this time that I will continue to use in future research.  Finally, the third week was spent compiling all of the information I had collected into one document.  I have the tendency to get carried away, so I have written 26 pages on my research this summer.  I will be attaching the final product below if you are interested.

I am hoping to continue this research by potentially contacting the new set of tutors in the spring to see if any have tutored before/what their experience is like transitioning.  The biggest thing I feel as though my research is lacking is more than one students opinion.  There was simply no easy way to compare this data and compile it with the information from the instructors, so this will be saved for another project.

I hope you all had a lovely summer and are ready for an exciting new semester!

High School to College Writing Centers