Modeling a Magnetic Field

Modeling the Magnetic Field around a Magnet

This week, I modeled a magnetic field around a magnet. The strength and direction of a magnetic field can be modeled by the following polar equation where θ is the angle from the direction of the magnetic north pole, r is the distance from the magnet, and |m| is the strength of the rare earth magnet.Since the magnetic field is only dependent on r and,it can be modeled in two dimensions. This would mean that the graph could be rotated around the x axis, and the magnetic field would not change. Below is a model of the magnet in the x, y plane, where the magnetic North pole is pointed in the positive x direction. The arrows indicate the direction of the magnetic field at a certain distance from the magnet, and the strength of the magnetic field (in nanoteslas) is indicated by the color, with purple being a field strength of 30 nanoteslas and over.

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Creating a Proof of Concept for the Sensor

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For creating the motion sensor of the shoulder, I posed three questions: [Read more…]

Using wearable sensors in gymnastics

For my Monroe project, I would like to look into how gymnastics performance can be enhanced through wearable sensors. There are many ways that sensors can improve gymnastics performance, including indicating possible deductions that a gymnast can receive on the execution of skills, and locating possible injuries that may arise from an execution of a skill. In this project, I attempt to create a wearable sensor for a shoulder that a gymnast will be able to wear during practice to see the movement of the joint during the execution of certain skills.

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