ADS Ray Gun – Final Post

It’s been a busy summer — between my Monroe research and another internship I had this summer through William and Mary — but I learned a lot over the course of this project about ADS ray guns, as well as about the policy implications and ethical concerns surrounding the introduction of new military technology.

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ADS Ray Gun – Update 2

Welcome to my second research update!

The second half of my research was spent trying to discern the pros and cons of non-lethal weapon proliferation, specifically regarding ADS, the ray gun that leaves no trace and that none can withstand.

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ADS Ray Gun – Update 1

Hello all!

This is my first update on the progress of my Monroe research project with which I hope to examine non-lethal weapon (NLW) development and weigh in how the US government should go about implementing the next generation of such weapons (which happens to be the straight-out-of-a-sci-fi-movie Active Denial System) to avoid potential human rights abuses that could result from the proliferation of this technology.

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Comparative Analysis of How Governments Introduce Non-Lethal Weapons

I will conduct a comparative analysis of how governments go about introducing non-lethal weapons to their targets and address public concerns over the proliferation of such technology. Non-lethal weapons are weapons, devices, and munitions that are specifically designed and used to quickly incapacitate targeted personnel while minimizing damage to the target and to the infrastructure or environment surrounding the target.

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