Final Post

Hey again everyone!

Now that I have finished the research portion of my project (copious amounts of data entry and web surfing), I can take a brief look back and examine my overall impression of the information.

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Wrapping Up My Research

Hey everyone!

After countless hours of research, data entry, and analysis, it’s hard to believe that I’ve finally finished my research project. It’s been a really satisfying and enlightening experience, and I am so glad to have been able to participate.

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Research Update

Hey everyone! I’ve been on the research grind for a while now so I thought I would give an update as to how it was going.

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The Economic Impact of NFL and MLB Stadiums on American Cities

In the news recently, we have seen stories about three NFL teams trying to move their franchises to the Los Angeles area. On the surface, this doesn’t seem to have any real importance or significance outside of the four cities and three teams involved. However, a closer look reveals a multitude of issues that have economic, social, ethical and political implications. I will be exploring and researching the stadiums and ballparks associated with the NFL and MLB in the context of those implications. Specifically, I will compare and contrast key factors associated with each stadium or ballpark such as cost, ownership, history of the venues a team has played in, longevity of the park and why it has lasted or why it has not.

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