Parker’s Marsh Beach Profiling Update 3

Here is a link to my final update including all of my data.

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Parker’s Marsh Beach Profiling Update 2

I’ve ended the field portion of my project and I am starting to graph and to look at the data. I have nine weeks of measurements, four of which have pictures. I’ve graphed each weeks measurements on separate graphs, but I am going to combine these graphs to give a better picture of how the beach changed during the summer. I still have a fair amount of work to do, but some conclusions are already sticking out to me.

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Parker’s Marsh Beach Profiling Update 1

Since starting my project 8 weeks ago I have changed it and worked to adapt parts of it in order to collect data in the most effective way possible. Firstly, I decided to profile the beach once a week instead of biweekly as I originally proposed. While this might cause me to miss out on some subtle changes to the beach, I’ll ultimately be able to continue my profiling for twice as long.

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Beach Profiling of Parker’s Marsh

I will conduct beach profiling on Parker’s Marsh Natural Area Preserve for ten weeks over the summer. I will go out to the beach twice a week and profile the beach. I will primarily look at changes in the beach’s elevation from sea level to the dunes. I will also record the plants and animals visible on the beach to determine if the ecosystem is healthy. Finally, I will record any major weather events between my biweekly visits so that, combined with the data, I can see how storms and other weather change the beach.