Summary: The Impact of Stress on Child Health in Impoverished Communities

Children are more largely susceptible to physiological effects of stress as they are still developing. Children in poverty, are disproportionately exposed to stressors that contribute to poor health outcomes. In my paper I focused on types of stress responses, the physiology of stress, the relationship between poverty, stress, and health, and maternal influence.

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Update 2: The Impact of Stress on Child Health in Impoverished Communities

As I had mentioned in my previous post I had originally planned to relate my research back to Rochester, NY through pictures. I did go take pictures, I will add some in below, but I largely did not feel comfortable walking around the areas I thought would best represent what I had in mind. I felt that the pictures I took did not represent enough of what I was trying to accomplish, thus I decided not to include these pictures or focus on Rochester in my final paper. I think instead I will just use the photos to aid my poster presentation to give a more visual aspect as the rest of the paper cannot be well represented in visuals, and a poster with only words is not especially attractive, it’s just overwhelming.

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Socioeconomic Status and its Impact on Child Health: Update 1

As I started my research I quickly came to the realization that this was a much broader topic than I anticipated. I hoped to generally cover the impact of socioeconomic status (SES) on child health, but I realized this is not practical given how much research has been done on this topic. Consequently, I have chosen to research the impact of stress on child health with a focus on impoverished communities. I will compile my findings via a paper and photos.

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Abstract: Socioeconomic Status and its Impact on Child Health

This research aims to investigate the correlation between socioeconomic status and child health by exploring determinants of health, and how inequalities in these determinants create disparities in child health among populations. Using the information found, health data from Rochester, New York is applied to achieve a more local and small-scale context. Photos from different areas around Rochester are also used to visibly display the disparities and assets in the community. This topic is relevant on a large scale because this problem does not just affect residents of Rochester. Health disparities created by socioeconomic status can be found everywhere in the United States.