Final Update – How Did Dinosaurs Sound?

At long last, my research is concluded! It’s been fantastic to learn all about dinosaur acoustics – from both the paleontology side and the sound design perspective.

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How Did Dinosaurs Sound? – Update 2

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy?

In the past few weeks, I did a lot of research on the biological and evolutionary evidence for dinosaur sound production. I found a number of fascinating papers. Topics range from bony tongues to skull shape to air sinuses.

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How Did Dinosaurs Sound? – Update 1

I have found ten possible interview subjects for the sound design segment of my project. All of these individuals have extensive experience in the world of media, but not all have designed dinosaur vocalizations. For those who have, I plan to what inspired them to create the sounds they did. For those who have not, I plan to ask how they would go about designing these sounds if asked.

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How did Dinosaurs Sound? – Reconciling Science and Imagination

In my research, I will explore how science and imagination combine to form a foundation for the sound design of dinosaur vocalizations. Where did the classic “roar” of the T-rex originate? How has the sound design changed in response to new research findings? Will we ever learn what dinosaurs actually sounded like? I hope that my research project may facilitate an understanding and appreciation of the process behind innovation as I will observe first-hand how paleontologists and sound designers work together to develop possible dinosaur vocalizations. In the first stage of my research, I will interview at least two paleontologists about the science behind dinosaur vocalizations, inquiring about modern research and the evolution of current theories. The secondary stage with involve interviews of a similar nature with at least two sound designers. My final stage will be a hands-on information synthesis. Using the knowledge delivered in the interviews, I will develop my own conjecture as to how dinosaurs sounded and write a brief piece explaining my creative choices.