Update 3 on Political Discourse Analysis

It’s finally done! After a summer of trial and error, I have produced my report on power and solidarity in the speech of American senators.

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Update 2 on Political Discourse Analysis

I am in the midst of the actual writing process. All of the analysis is done, and now I have to present it in a coherent manner. Here is what I have found in a less coherent manner.

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Update 1 on Political Discourse Analysis

It’s pretty late in the summer, I know, but great progress has been made. All of the data has been collected, I’ve analyzed it for power and solidarity, and what remains is to do the statistics and type up the report.

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Analysis of Power and Solidarity in Congressional Discourse on Healthcare

In the field of Discourse Analysis, the concepts of power and solidarity are a key point of analysis. This paper is a political discourse analysis of the speech of prominent Democratic and Republican senators on the issue of healthcare with a focus on the interplay of power and solidarity. Three hours worth of data will be transcribed and analyzed. It will consist of the speech of Democrats, who were in power, and Republicans, who were a minority, during the deliberations over the Affordable Care Act in 2010. The next set of data consists of speeches from Republicans, who were in power, and Democrats, who were out of it, surrounding the Graham-Cassidy bill, which was proposed in mid-September 2017.  The data is then analyzed and coded for instances of power and solidarity displays, and the paper examines how these instances change over time and across party lines, and how they are used in the discourse. Special attention is paid to grammar features like point of view, active and passive phrases, the knowledge status of speakers (i.e. how confident their assertions are), and the use of humor.