Project Summary

Hello all, welcome back to school! This summer research project provided a very different experience compared to what I am used to. Throughout my research I encountered many problems; learning how to read technical papers and teaching myself important biological concepts tested my resolve and ability to learn new skills on my own. Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned throughout this process, however, was how much work goes into producing research papers. Though I had written research papers in class, none were as in-depth or work intensive as my summer research project ended up being. Regardless of my eventual career path, I am glad I was able to have such an experience, as it exposed me to higher-level reading and writing and helped me acquire new skills.

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Post 1

{Apparently I accidentally deleted my first post, so I’m reposting it now. Sorry for any confusion!}

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Post 3

Hello all,


In this update, I thought I’d finally disclose the findings of my research. While much remains unknown about mechanisms in the brain, certain systems— such as those that process opioids— have been explored in numerous contexts. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to conclusively determine whether the types of bonds drugs form in the brain influence their addictiveness. However, several studies allude to a potential correlation between drug addictiveness and intermolecular bonds in the brain. If further studies corroborate such a correlation, then our medical understanding of addiction could be greatly improved.

Post 2

My apologies for the lateness of this post; unforeseeable circumstances occupied much of my time over the past several weeks.

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