The Key To Every Painting: Don’t Force It

After finishing my painting for this project I learned something very important when it comes to creating art within a specific genre. There is an extremely wide range of pieces that may fit the description of that genre. When I was looking at work by Hannah Yata I had imagined myself creating an explosive piece similar to what she had done. While I loved to look at work and I admired the how much was going on, this was not my style of painting. My art in the past has usually had just one subject because I like to put a lot of my focus into that one thing rather than all over the place.

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Different Approaches to a Magic Realism Painting

My first attempt at creating a magic realism piece began as a big mess of ideas thrown onto a canvas. I bagan sketching out one thing after the next onto a single canvas until it was filled with all types of strange animals and plants that I could think of. By the time I stepped back and took at look at it I had realised that there was no method or meaning to this painting. I did not feel inspired by it and I was not interested in going further with it. My next idea was to just start painting a scene on a canvas and then begin to add the magical aspects once the scene was finished. This is what I began to do on the second canvas, by adding purple mountains and two pink moons in the sky. However, I did not finish this scene either. I was happy with how the sky with moons turned out, since they were very subtle but still added a interesting twist. The issue was that I did not feel that this approach really clicked with me either. I was really struggling to find inspiration in these paintings.

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Combining Magic Realism with Psychedelic Art

I began my research project this summer with the intention of creating a realistic scene of nature with magical, unrealistic aspects. I wanted to paint a scene that had meaning in my imagination so that I could embed some interesting images from my imagination. This idea changed, however, when I visited Seattle, Washington in June. Seattle is a vibrant city with a rich culture centered around art and expression. Many buildings in the university district had giant murals painted on them. This is where I became interested in psychedelic art. These paintings were so colorful and mind boggling because they brought to life a whole other world that lies deep within a person’s mind. These artist were able to create a visual that allowed onlookers to  experience the sights, smells, sounds and feelings of hallucination. I thought about what this type of art would look like in the genre of magic realism. When I returned home I did some research and found an artist who created paintings very similar to what I had in mind. Hannah Yata is a psychedelic, surreal painter and her work exemplifies an explosion of colors and characters that keep your eyes wandering around and finding new things. I have taken a lot of inspiration from her work and I would like to learn more about how to create eye grabbing paintings like hers.

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The Magic of Realism: An Exploration of the Technique Behind Magical Realism

ABSTRACT: For my research I hope to explore and further understand the artistic genre of magic realism. This is a genre of art that expresses a primarily realistic view of the world while also incorporating magical and dreamlike elements. Specifically, I want to discover a technique that produces the most successful magic realism oil painting in terms of composition, craftsmanship and creativity. I will test the effects of painting from life while incorporating fictional elements from my imagination versus painting a scene completely from my memory and imagination. I would like to find the perfect world that exists between dreams and reality.