An Investigation into the Level of College Campus Police Armament

Currently the College of William & Mary police force has in their possession a locker full of fully automatic M-16 machine guns. The College applied for these weapons and received them free of charge from the same military surplus program that supplies local police units around the country, including the police force in Ferguson, Mississippi. William and Mary is not the only college to do so; Old Dominion University applied and received an even higher volume and strength of weaponry from the same program, also free of charge. William and Mary’s current police chief, Ed Schardein takes issue with the College’s possession of fully automatic rifles, which were acquired after his appointment to the position. It is my opinion that if the police chief finds room for dismay at the level of armament on the campus, so will many of the students and faculty. I also believe this will be especially surprising to campus members considering the level of restrictions on personal items allowed to students, for instance, a recreational fencing foil must be registered with the College if it is harbored in a students dorm room.

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