The Artist Post 3: Style

Truly great artists have there own unique style. From classic painters like Van Gogh and Picasso to modern comic artists like Scott McCloud and Obata Takeshi, anyone could look at a painting or panel and instantly see the artist’s unique lines, character design, color, and use of space. Even for beginners its important to start developing a style as soon as possible. It affects the way people view your work, and it can dramatically influence how your comics characters and environments are perceived.

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The Artist Post 2: Character Design

With any creative work involving a narrative one of the most important aspects is the character design. This is especially true in comics for two reasons: first, not only is the character’s personality taken into account but also every part of their looks and style must also be created from scratch; second, a long running series may have many plots stretching over hundreds of chapters, so the characters must be flexible enough that they can change with the long running narrative while still remaining true to their core values and ideas. As the artist, I’m mostly going to focus on the physical design of the character, while using the character of the comic (a man by the name of Tetsuya Takeda) as an example.

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The Artist Post 1: The Drawing Process

The project is split between a writer (Skyler) and an artist (me) so each role may have a different perspective on the process and outcome, so one of the most enjoyable aspects of the project (at least for me) is the interaction between the two. For now I’ll focus on my own process/part of the project.

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Skyler Garrison and I are working together to create a Manga one-shot: a short, beginning chapter that can lead to a longer series. Skyler is the writer, while I am the artist. The world of comics is a rising form of art, and it can create intricate characters and portray unique worlds. Skyler and I will be creating a comic in the Japanese form called Manga. We want to help prove that comics can be serious literary works, full of real characters with complex emotions, themes and ideas. Books written by Scott McCloud and other comic theorists provide insight into the different aspects of comics. Other graphic novels can help us with inspiration, technique, and pacing, like the Pulitzer prize winning Maus and the highly successful manga series Bakuman. With these tools and creativity, we hope to show the true potential of Manga and comics.