Days 7, 8, Return, and Conclusion

Day 7 – Saturday, August 13

7:30 – tent

Slept okay.  When I was asleep it was good, but I woke up a few times.  Once I woke up because I thought I heard a bobcat or something make that “rrrow” noise.  I think it might have been me/my mattress but idk.

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Days 4-6

Day 4 – Wednesday, August 10

7:00 – tent

I slept well! And almost totally through the night.  I woke up a few times, but not as bad as the past few nights.  It also got colder last night. I put a sweatshirt over me in addition to my blanket.  It didn’t rain! From what I can see out of the screen, it’s pretty cloudy. Still a bit chilly.  As the sun was rising, it lit up the tops of some of the trees, and the leaves looked like they were sparkling.  Each leaf looked like it was reflecting some of the sunlight.  It was cool.

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Days 1-3

On my project, I was almost totally removed from technology and society.  In order to still document my project as I was conducting it, I kept a journal.  My blog posts will consist of excerpts from that journal.  They were chosen to provide insight into my thought process as I created each piece.  They also work with the pieces to reflect my experience of having limited human interaction while being surrounded by nature.

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Expressing Solitary Observation of Nature Through Painting

As people traverse through time and space, we use our senses as tools for data collection and interpretation.  However, the vast majority of the information collected by our senses does not require intense observation.  We reference our past experiences to draw conclusions about what exists and is happening around us.  In similar ways, we often see artwork through the lens of our experiences.  These association patterns can be obstacles to freshly and fully appreciating something.  Often the idea in a work of art develops as the piece progresses.  This project will exemplify how artwork can originate from one idea, and then evolve into something new.  My idea is to show of how pausing to observe nature away from human constructs and the assumptions of society changes it from what I assume it to be to what it is in reality.  I will develop a series of visual responses using watercolor and acrylic mediums to create a shareable experience that reflects being withdrawn from human interaction and being immersed in nature.  The evolution of the pieces will reflect how my perception of the natural world changes throughout my experience.