Overview of Findings on Clean Energy and Venture Capital Funding Model

After spending far more time on and becoming far more engrossed in my research than I initially thought I would, I have completed my research project on the difficulties surrounding venture capital investment into clean energy startups. I used a case-study approach to¬†researching each individual startup and found this to be the most¬†engaging part of my research. I found it very interesting to not only look through journals and websites and company documents to identify important information, but also to synthesize this information into a coherent “story” for the company to be used in my analysis. I also enjoyed the synthesis part of my research, although this was far more intensive than the initial research phase, since trying to compare different cases and find similar trends between them was a very thought-provoking activity.

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Keys to Success for Clean Energy Startups

In my first post, I detailed the major obstacles that clean energy startups face on their path to success. Many clean energy startups failed because of two major flaws: the difficulty of becoming too big and scaling an operation and the difficulty of convincing customers to trust an unproven, untested company with their energy needs. The keys to success for clean energy startups are, perhaps unsurprisingly, almost complete opposites to the flaws that have doomed others in the field. [Read more…]

Takeaways from Case Study Analysis of Clean Energy Startups that Failed

Even though clean energy startups have received billions of dollars in funding, many of them have fallen into bankruptcy and failed. Why? There are five key reasons I have synthesized from my case study analysis of these startups. [Read more…]

Venture Capital Funding Model for Clean Energy Startups

Even though clean energy has experienced a rapid rise in popularity in recent years, funding firms (e.g., venture capital, private equity) have struggled to identify and fund startups that are successful in this field. Through a case study analysis of successful and unsuccessful clean energy startups, this research will answer the question of why startup funding outlets have failed to recognize key factors that determine the success and profitability of clean energy startups. With climate change and environmental issues such a prevalent issue from both an economic and a social perspective, it is vital to understand why the clean energy funding model has failed in this industry even at a time when clean energy is becoming more competitive and more popular when compared to other forms of energy.