An American in Paris, a Romanian in Bucharest – Methods (Romania)


Unlike Paris, I had been to Bucharest twice before, once in 2005 and then again in 2013. And yet, when I arrived on May 22, whether it was due to being older, spending more time there or simply paying more attention to the city as part of my research, it was like I was seeing the city for the first time.

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An American in Paris, a Romanian in Bucharest – Methods (Paris)


Upon my arrival on May 13, I quickly learned that “Paris in the rain” is much more romantic as a concept than as a reality. Though marked by overcast skies, the beginning of my journey had me too distracted by the pure thrill of being in Paris to even notice the cold.

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An American in Paris, a Romanian in Bucharest – Background

A Little Bit of Background

After over two months, I have finally returned home, suitcases full of books, photocopies, and digital records collected during my time abroad. During my ten days in France and six weeks in Romania, my research led me through two old European capitals – Paris and Bucharest – and to their crown jewels of national libraries, but it also led me to the banlieue of Carrieres-sur-Seine, marked by La Defense on the horizon. It led me to the towns of Brasov, Varatec, Busteni, and Sinaia nestled in the Romanian Carpathians. It led me through small streets and book shops, to both academic journals as well as popular press books intended to bring the issue of the EU’s future to the very citizens who would be living it out.

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From the City of Love to the Land of the Romans: A Case Study of the Role of Economic Differences on the Trade and Foreign Policy between Western and Eastern EU countries

Europe is changing. With the legacy of Brexit and a refugee crisis at the forefront, the question has arisen about the true unity of the European Union. This project aims to analyze the impact of location and relative currency strength in trade within the European Union, focusing on a comparative study of France and Romania and their bilateral cooperation. This will be accomplished by studying government and European Union reports, trade records, and current events over the course of several weeks, on location in both Paris and in Bucharest. From this, more general results can be extrapolated relating to the broad range of wealth in countries encompassed by the European Union. Ultimately, this project seeks to answer the question: how have the economic differences between Western and Eastern European countries affected their trade and foreign policy over time, especially as the European Union itself varies in its strength?

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