Drawing the Party Line: A Summary

It’s been interesting to research an evolving topic. The situation has evolved past the original scope of my proposal, in which I intended to cover only the most recent redistricting event, only for more redistricting conflicts to appear. Just as I thought I had figured out the 2016 redistricting, Bethune Hill v.┬áVirginia State Board of Elections, another state district challenge on the grounds of race-based voter districts, happened months after I proposed my topic. While it’s too early to see what will happen, it’s like I’ve been given another puzzle piece for a picture of the future.

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Drawing the Party Line: Virginia’s Journey So Far

Virginia has been in the news for redistricting, mostly for the 2016 redistricting decision.

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Drawing the Party Line: History and Technology

To start off my first update, here’s a picture of what might be the first case of gerrymandering.

A brief apology for the henrymandering joke, which was also made in a WashPo article by interviewee C. Douglas Smith, who once judged my We the People unit group and is a genuinely very nice man. Sorry I stole your joke, Mr. Smith.

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Drawing the Party Line: Gerrymandering in Virginia

In 2016, a panel of federal judges redrew the congressional voting districts of Virginia and changed the way that we vote. Since then, multiple challenges have been raised by different congressional representatives and nonprofit organizations. What’s wrong with Virginia districts? Why does redistricting draw so much ire? What can be done about it?

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