ProctorFree Research – Post 3

My research has officially come to an end.

Unfortunately, my second test plan will go unused. After the midterm exam in Professor Schreiber’s class suffered from Proctor Free related technical difficulties, the final exam was conducted without the service. Since we lacked support from ProctorFree, there was no other way that we could access the system.

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Proctor Free Research- Post 2

Quite a lot has transpired since my last post.

First, I finished the investigation portion of my project. I discovered that the network port data dumping plan was unfeasible, meaning that I would stick only to a screen capturing method of storing test questions as I described in my last post. I also did fairly extensive research into software testing and literature relating to cheating on exams.

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Post 1- Creating a cheating plan

As my first week of research is beginning to come to a close, this seems like the best time to provide a look into my progress so far.

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Cheating in Online Proctoring Services

My research will be centered around discovering flaws in the online proctoring service provided by the company ProctorFree. This company provides a service that allows professors to assign their students exams to be taken on their students’ computers in private without allowing the students to cheat. ProctorFree employs several techniques to combat cheating, including facial recognition via webcam. However, the program is not designed for computer science students, but rather for students of the humanities and other sciences. I will be testing the system to see if it can prevent someone with prior knowledge in computer programming from cheating.

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