The Biological Role of Music: Week Two

This week was dedicated to a whole lot of organization. I mostly spent the 20 hours summarizing the articles I had read, isolating the main purposes of each, finding additional articles to cover up holes in content, and organizing them thematically.

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The Neuroscience of Music Is More Complex Than I Thought

I began my research with a relatively simple question in mind; what is the evolutionary and biological purpose of music? Before delving into the material, I had the idea that there was maybe a couple of solid theories or a majority opinion. Science is generally a straightforward subject, so why should this be any different?

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The Evolutionary Benefits and Purpose of Music

The Question

I remember sitting in the car with my father on a long eight hour journey back from William and Mary, scrolling through playlist after playlist of music on Spotify. A question suddenly occurred to me; what is the purpose of music?  How can seemingly random pulses of air hitting our eardrums prompt such emotional responses, serve as a uniting force within society, and become an integral part of daily human life? Music has been around, in some shape or form, since the time humans started to communicate. I realized that there must be some bigger reason as to why it exists and is still so prevalent in our culture today.

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