Passing the Torch: Some Loose Ends and Reflection

Two hours ago, I was moving boxes into my dorm room, and now I’m writing this entry at my new desk. Still, I’m having trouble believing that the summer is almost over! Before classes start, I have some finishing touches to put on the substance of my paper, then I’ll take a break for a few days to start the semester. At some point soon, I also need to adapt my paper into a script for the research showcase!

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Passing the Torch

In the past few weeks, I’ve made some serious changes to the direction and purpose of my project, and now aim to be done with the written conclusion entirely by this coming Friday! [Read more…]

Getting Started

After a relaxing few weeks of vacation, I started research yesterday! I shook the cobwebs out by reviewing my abstract and outlining the rest of the summer. As my friends can attest, I love creating outlines for essays, projects, free time, the rest of my academic career, you name it—but this Monroe project was a trickier (and eventually more rewarding) process than usual.

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Moscow to Sochi: Changes in the Nature of International Conflict Through the Olympics

When the Olympic Games began in the eighth century BCE, warring nations would create treaties to allow athletes safe passage to the site of the events. Since the first modern Olympics in 1896, however, nations have realized the Games are prime opportunities to make a statement. As a result, the Olympics since have been the site of international tension if not outright violence. Notably, the Cold War era saw conflicts ranging from athlete-to-athlete instances of symbolic body language to a terrorist attack at the 1972 Games in Munich that killed eleven. After several Olympics of relative peace, the recent Games in Sochi appear to fit this established pattern of conflict, as they were subject to daily media scrutiny covering Russian history and current policy.

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