Existing Research on Demand for Abortions

My research is on demand in abortion markets, with particular interest in price elasticity. I have looked at several existing studies of abortion demand with different focuses. Because it is more difficult to try to analyze abortion demand on the whole, which can also differ significantly across different markets, existing studies are often very selective in scope. Existing research oftentimes focuses on one aspect of the abortion market, such as teen abortions, or on one type of policy, such as mandatory counseling laws. Thus far, I’ve compiled a number of these studies and their findings in order to get a more general picture of commonality in similar studies.

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Abstract: William Anderson

Welcome to my Freshman Monroe research project on elasticity in abortion markets!

My project will respond to four questions. First, whether there is adequate public data on abortion rates to be able to synthesize a supply or demand curve from them (regardless of how constrained in scope or market size such a curve may be). Second, what degree of price elasticity exists for both supply and demand in the abortion market analyzed in the event either curves can be found. Third, whether the data found can provide insight into what impact supply-side restrictions and/or taxation (specifically originating in public policy) have on quantity and other considerations such as timing of abortions, and whether these data align with supply/demand models given the findings of the first two questions. Fourth and finally, how useful these findings are to public policy given unaccounted-for or uncontrolled variables in the data, such as consumers travelling outside of the market for abortions.