Post 3: Cyanopyridine Study part 2

Cyanopyridine Study part 2

2NCPy CuI Products

Thus far I have characterized what I think to be 5 different compounds from 2NCPy. Since none of the compounds have had their formulas confirmed, they will be known by the color they luminesce under blacklight. These compounds are orange, yellow, green, and brown.

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Post 2: Cyanopyridine Study part 1

Cyanopyridine Study


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Post 1: Grinding Studies

For the few days I worked with Polyacrylonitrile as a potential substrate for work with CuI. The most promising results came from stirring the suspended PAN in a 5M KI solution with CuI dissolved within. AA results from this study gave a maximum coordination of active sites by copper at around 2%. These numbers were so meager that we decided to discontinue our efforts on that portion of the project.

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Without exaggeration, this was the busiest summer of my life thus far. When I entered this project, I had no idea of what to expect. To repeat my earlier point, the term “math research” sounds almost oxymoronic, what is there to research about numbers? What I didn’t realize at the time was just how fast possibilities can blow up. What may seem manageable with “only” a million cases to test by computer can jump well out of the range of feasibility with the addition of one more variable to consider, so it’s not possible to simply have a computer to try all your theories. Most of my time was spent on how to narrow down the search space for our theories, bringing it down from 2^50 to 2^30 to a few hundred billion to a few hundred million, from something solvable in decades to something solvable in days or hours.

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