Single-Sided NMR of Paint Films After Climate Cycling

The aim of my research will be to use single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study the mechanical properties of water-mixable oil paints. Single-sided NMR is a method of analyzing samples by applying a magnetic field which interacts with the magnetic spins of certain atoms, providing information about the cross-linkage between molecules. Generally, the amount of cross-linkage in a sample is proportional to the brittleness and hardness of the sample. Water-mixable oil paint is a relatively new, environmentally-friendly type of paint which has different physical properties from traditional oil paints. Museums need information about how the physical properties of water-mixable oil paintings differ from those of traditional oil paintings so they can store and treat water-mixable oil paintings without damaging them. In my research, I will measure the mechanical properties of water-mixable oil paint films before and after the films are exposed to different environments, specifically different temperatures and relative humidities. I will compare my results with measurements done on traditional oil paint films. This research will provide information about the optimum environment to store and transport paintings and will help to develop NMR as a tool for examining paintings.

Abstract: Studying the Psychological and Physical Benefits of Outdoor Sports and Recreation

Both physical and mental health are a growing problem in the United States. With obesity and depression levels on the rise, it is essential for Americans to assess their current ways of life, and to make immediate (and often quite simple) changes. I have personally found that my mood on any given day is directly correlated with how much time I have spent outside, or how much time I have spent exercising my body. I want to find out if this is true for others.

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Words, War, Women and More

My research now concluded, my understanding of England’s literary landscape in the first half of the twentieth century has changed dramatically.

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Summary on Latin Squares

This project was quite an adventure from the beginning.  While it was difficult, and ultimately impossible, to find the true formula that I was looking for at the beginning, I learned a lot about the implications of sequences and prime numbers in the grand scheme of mathematics. To recap briefly my project, I began with a numerical analysis of several different sizes of Latin square, including 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7.   The number of possible Latin squares at each size increased rapidly, and after 7×7 it was much too large to realistically calculate.  I was able to break these numbers down and apply a few different types of tests to these in order to find a pattern leading from one to the next, but the large primes which appeared in the prime factorizations of the numbers prevented any conclusive pattern from appearing. After spending a lot of time working with those numbers, I turned to the second stage of my project.

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