Princess to Prince-less: How Disney has Reshaped its Animated Female Leads (Post 4)

August 20

I altered and evolved my plan for analyzing song lyrics since I last posted.  My original vision was to compare male characters’ lyrics to female characters’ lyrics within each film.  However, after thoroughly reading numerous songs, I changed my mind in favor of a more longitudinal approach: I compared the lyrics of the princesses’ main sung soliloquy from each film.  The songs I believed best fit that label were “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast, “Just Around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas, “Let it Go” from Frozen, and “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

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El americano no deseado: an Analysis of the Negative Opinion of Donald Trump among the Spanish Media (Post Three)

Due to the nature of my research, many, if not all, of the quotes are in Spanish.

In my previous posts I stated my findings for the top three most popular themes in regard to the media’s reaction to the Trump presidency. Among all of the articles mentioning Donald Trump, the top three most prominent issues were his environmental stance, his unique character, and his foreign relations policy. In most of the articles pertaining to these issues, a clear point of comparison to Barack Obama developed. For this reason, I argue that the major differences in the three topics listed above between Donald Trump and his predecessor is the main reason for the overwhelmingly negative opinion of Trump among the Spanish media.  In this post, I plan to discuss some of the many articles that led me to these findings.

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Tick Research Update 3

My abstract gave a very limited view into my research, so I will quickly rehash what I was attempting to discover as well as what I had inferred from data I already had access to. I investigated the effect of climate variability on adults and nymph abundance as moisture availability (a key factor determining tick survival) on the distribution of lone star ticks. I predicted that there would be an overall increase in the prevalence of ticks and a higher density of adult lone star ticks in areas with higher moisture levels. This was because I believed that adult ticks are hardier than nymphs.

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Split Brain Project Summary

This summer I had the opportunity to explore a topic that I became interested in during my freshman year at William and Mary, which is the corpus callosotomy, more commonly known as split brain surgery. This is when the brain is surgically cut into two halves. In my freshman seminar, it was briefly mentioned as a rare option for treating patients with epilepsy, and I was curious to find out more about how this procedure works in the brain and how it can put a stop to debilitating seizures.

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