Final Update

The Mars Electric Reusable Flyer is a three-year project—with at least another year and a half left—so my final post obviously can’t overview the entire project. This summer was dedicated to building and testing a prototype capable of consistent, stable flight. Furthermore, the prototype needed to be able to house the Piccolo autopilot (which is about the size of an iPhone). Sometime this fall or next spring, the rest of the team (those employed by NASA) will conduct a high-altitude balloon drop of the Flyer from 100,000 feet. In anticipation of this test, my research revolved around building and testing multiple Flyers with a team of other students under the guidance of a NASA engineer.

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Days 7, 8, Return, and Conclusion

Day 7 – Saturday, August 13

7:30 – tent

Slept okay.  When I was asleep it was good, but I woke up a few times.  Once I woke up because I thought I heard a bobcat or something make that “rrrow” noise.  I think it might have been me/my mattress but idk.

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Days 4-6

Day 4 – Wednesday, August 10

7:00 – tent

I slept well! And almost totally through the night.  I woke up a few times, but not as bad as the past few nights.  It also got colder last night. I put a sweatshirt over me in addition to my blanket.  It didn’t rain! From what I can see out of the screen, it’s pretty cloudy. Still a bit chilly.  As the sun was rising, it lit up the tops of some of the trees, and the leaves looked like they were sparkling.  Each leaf looked like it was reflecting some of the sunlight.  It was cool.

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Final Post

Hey again everyone!

Now that I have finished the research portion of my project (copious amounts of data entry and web surfing), I can take a brief look back and examine my overall impression of the information.

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